Easy way to earn bitcoins daily

GMT is a token that allows you to use the mining hardware of our data centers.

  • Start in 24 hours

    No need to buy, deliver, and set up the hardware. No associated risks or headaches. Simply buy token now and your first income will be credited to your bitcoin address tomorrow.

  • Efficient process

    Five data centers in several countries ensure continuous bitcoin mining. Some 250 highly qualified engineers provide support services. Each GMT token is backed by real computing power (TH/s) via the SHA‑256 protocol.

Mining made available to everyone

  • Accessibility

    Unlike mining hardware, a token is easy to buy. It doesn't wear out or require additional investments to increase power. Additionally, a token can be sold in just a few minutes.

  • Excellent reputation

    Our token appeared in 2021, but we've been mining since 2017. During this time, we have increased our capacity fivefold, survived two crypto winters, and have never let our partners down.

Traditional mining vs GMT Token

Traditional mining

Several months

Buying hardware, looking for and renting sites for it, installation, and set up is a long process. Moreover, it is risky at every stage.

GMT Token

One day

Twenty-four hours pass between the purchase of a token and the first mining reward. The most difficult part is to get a crypto wallet.

Three ways to buy

  • Via your account

    Create a GMT account and pay for the token using cryptocurrency or a bank card via one of our partners.

    Token purchase operations via bank cards or wire transfers will be performed by our partners

  • Via Trust Wallet

    Download the TrustWallet app if you don't have it yet. After signing up, find GMT in the list of tokens and purchase it.

    If you already have the Trust Wallet app, open it on your device. If you don't have the app yet, download it via the link or by scanning the QR code

  • On exchanges

    Sign up on any of the exchanges we work with, search for GMT, and follow the prompts.

    The token is listed on over 10 exchanges, including DEXs and CEXs. The company's plan is to get listed on Binance in the near future.


Ever-growing computing power

As we commission new equipment, we issue new tokens. We purposely issue 20% fewer tokens to distribute their remaining computing power among all the other tokens in circulation. That makes the computing power of each token grow.

When you have GMT in your wallet

  • You'll receive the first mining rewards to your bitcoin address in 24 hours, and every 24 hours after that.

  • You earn daily BTC rewards as long as you hold GMT tokens.

  • The power of the tokens grows every time we introduce new hardware.

About us

Top 10

vertically integrated mining services provider in the world

  • 300MW

    current power capacity of our five data centers

  • $77М

    GMT market capitalization

  • >5 years

    of blockchain development expertise including creating purpose-built tokens

  • +99%

    delivering uptime of mining hardware across 3 different hardware vendors

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